April 14, 2016

January 25, 2016

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All Quiet on the Western Frontier

April 11, 2019

... for now.


 Apologies for being silent for so long. Sara and I had some pretty big plans for 2019, but the year hasn't exactly been kind to our ambitions. I took on a job in order to help fix a pretty big problem. This was a tremendously stupid move in terms of my career and life because it has single-highhandedly devoured all of my time, creativity, and mind. Someone had to do it though and I did. On top of that mess, one of our rabbits got really sick to the point where she was in ICU for a while and we've been since feeding her by hand. No matter. We press on. The dust is settling and life is returning to normal. Normal fucking sucks so, in the tradition of embracing risk, we are planning for a pretty big leap into the wind. The actual plan has changed a dozen times since the new year began, but it's exciting none-the-less. More to come soon.



Dark Matter is out now. It's something that I am super proud of as it's easily my best work yet. The collection of thirty shorts is deeply twisted with a greater truth and reality embedded throughout. I hope you like it.



Child of Satan is all set to drop Christmas of 2019, so look forward to that! It's my first novella and I think it's a pretty cool take on a forgotten style of storytelling.



Oh, and on new formats of storytelling, One of 2018's secret projects was a children's picture book. The script and panels were penned and an illustrator was working on bringing the project to life, but things kind of fell apart halfway through. Here is a sample of the project:

The story was called Below the Depths of Darkness. The above image is a panel of our main character, a mermaid princess. It still breaks my heart that things didn't work out. The project was really close to completion. Perhaps we can finish up should we find another illustrator.


Looking forward to more ways to tell stories, I believe that music and vibrations are a form of emotionally charged language and– in turn– storytelling. I had hoped to get back into writing music sooner. I returned to mixing (DJ) last December but, in the future, I'd like to dedicate some time to writing, producing, and publishing some tracks and an album that tell a story through sound. I am not sure when such a thing would be completed, or even started for that matter. It's one of the pieces of that risk that I spoke of earlier and we have just about reached the mountain face.


-From Albuquerque with love and madness



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