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January 25, 2016

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Seven Days until Dark Matter

October 15, 2018


   Two years since the project began and what a long, strange trip it's been! For this, I submerged myself into the frigid waters of madness.,I dwelt in the shadows, lived with darkness, came to truly understand insanity, and became a  total, fucking monster!  Okay, maybe this is exaggeration, but I certainly went to some really, really, really dark places in order to write the stories in this collection.


   But, this collection isn't necessarily one singular form of dark and twisted horror. Dark Matter is a love letter to all  horror fans and the horror genre is something with a lot of range. The stories in this collection are drenched in this eerie-sort of horror, but they aren't particularly gory or graphic, at least in terms of what I usually write. Don't worry, there's still plenty of blood for all you cannibals and vampires out there, but to create a collection that touches on much more than violence was a key focus going in and I really think I nailed a balance.



   Dark Matter stars victims and goblins, monsters, witches. vampires, devils and demons, lovers, werewolves, mothers, husbands, orphans, daughters, and sons.  The stories go to many places: deep space, your neighbor's home, war-torn futures, places of permanent darkness and despair, other dimensions, fractured timelines, and even below the depths of our own world's oceans. These characters, locations, and themes  are just some of what can be found across a total of thirty shorts!


   Dark Matter is something that I am tremendously proud of. It was written for you and I hope that you love it too. Seven more days until we find out.



                                                  With love & madness,



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