April 14, 2016

January 25, 2016

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Something Wicked is Brewing in the Belly of the Beast

June 7, 2018

Dark Matter’s release date is upon us. We are only four months out to be exact and, with that, I revisited some of the side stories that didn’t make Dark Matter’s final cut. For sure there are a few. In fact, I have well over twenty shorts that didn’t make the lineup.

I asked myself if there is anything that is savable. Absolutely there are great ideas in the folder of unwanted things, but many of the stories are better suited for longer length tales. I’ve always wanted to write a novella. And for this project, there was a very clear diamond in the rough.


A child lingers in the shadows. He hears your desires and feeds on your ambitions. He revels in your doubt and demands your attention.

And so, I present to you, the cover reveal, synopsis, and release date for Child of Satan


Victor Morgof is a feral vampire and the very first of his kind. The malevolent byproduct of his father's twisted fantasies, Victor is subject to the chaos of eternal damnation. Tasked with killing the guardian angel of Istra Kala, Victor travels to the mortal plane where he learns of animals, elves, and men. Tormented by his pureblood sister, Victor must find a balance between his sense of ethicality, curse of lineage, and hunger for blood.

Child of Satan

The son rises: 12/24/2019

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