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Cutting Stellar From Dark Matter

January 11, 2018

Sad news, horror junkies.


As the title of this post implies, I've made the difficult decision to cut Stellar from Dark Matter's final lineup of stories.


For those not familiar with Stellar, the story was originally penned with the intentions of becoming a full-fledged 300+ page novel. I thought that the story's fringe topic would fit well within the pages of Dark Matter, so I chopped the story down to roughly sixty pages and included it in Dark Matter's original manuscript. The stories within Dark Matter are roughly six to twelve pages on average, so loosing Stellar is kind of a big deal. I'll make up for this of course by included a couple of different stories I have in my notebook which I am currently in the process of polishing as we speak.


It goes without saying that Dark Matter is a rather twisted collection. Some of the stories are visually gruesome and others are psychological chaos. The anthology, as a whole, is beautifully dark and bizarre. Much like with the creation of Future Winds and Emotive, these stories have been written with no form of filter. Everything has flowed organically and, as such, what Stellar became may have pushed the boundaries of social tolerance just a little too far.



Stellar's original Hook:


What if a drug existed that, when ingested, could warp your consciousness into another dimension? What if this dimension was a reality of existence where you could walk, talk, live and learn from a peaceful foreign form of intelligent life? Would you take that drug? What if life among these beings was so much greater than your life back on dystopian earth that you wanted to stay and live with them forever? What if the only key through their gate of eternity was suicide?


See the problem here? Some may view Stellar as glorifying suicide and, I won't lie to you; in its final form, it probably does.



The good news in all of this is that I'm in the final phases of writing the additional stories needed for Dark Matter and we should see the novel on store shelves come fall.


Humanity has come far in terms of embracing different things; I mean, it was only thirty years ago that society viewed the role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons, as being cult worship. Less than four hundred years ago, you'd have been branded a witch and hung in the streets for having a love of strange things, so our species really has come far. Perhaps later on down the road, we will see Stellar published. Until then, Dark Matter is still a heartfelt love letter to all of the fans of everything strange and bizarre.

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