April 14, 2016

January 25, 2016

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Where the **** is Kevin?

April 4, 2017

My birthday is tomorrow and that means it's the one-year anniversary of Emotive. This reflection on time also serves to remind me that I've been pretty quiet in these parts as of late. Truth is, most of my 2016 was spent being pretty sick. My mind can be considered an enemy of myself sometimes and I started taking a few college classes to combat this. My time has mostly been split between school work and writing Dark Matter. I was never known to give a shit about much of anything in High School, so doing well in college is something that's completely foreign to me. My GPA at the moment is just shy of 4.0 and I am working hard to maintain that.


I have written a few emotionally driven papers as of recent that touch on themes well beyond their original context and I think that they would serve to be a good read. I may give them a final polish and then post them up on the website in the coming months so that you can check them out if you want. 




A minor update on Dark Matter is that it is still on track for an Autumn 2017 release. My fingers are crossed for Halloween in particular as it fits the theme of the book.



Stick around, I've got some crazy things to come.


-Much love, an old friend.

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