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January 25, 2016

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3 New Projects to Kick off the New Year

January 1, 2016

1) Co-Hosting A Twitch Streaming Channel.

Too many gaming communities are cynical and shitty in nature. Filled with trolls, the approach many people take to gaming communities is that of the lone-wolf player. Finding friends and nice people to share your time with, inside the digital world, is a difficult and often mundane task that most people simply don't even bother with; that is where Twitch comes in. I find that the Twitch platform, in a way, serves as a community crafting website. I have been out of the gaming scene for some time. When I lived in New York, gaming was a major part of my life and I want to dabble back into one of the simple joys of net-based community and friendship once-more. A new Tragic Vision Twitch channel is under development and I will be one of the channels featured co-hosts. The goal here, will be to craft an online community footprint via Twitch. I have always loved gaming and my approach to it has always been pro-face with emphasize on fun. The new Twitch channel will follow the same approach formula.


The stream should be kicking off late next week. If you want to get a head start on following the channel, here is the link.




2) Web Blog.

Pretty straight forward. I love & use twitter often, but it serves as no such platform to blog out to readers, friends, and fans. I fucking hate Facebook and refuse to allow it control over another---ok I will stop that sentence there before it becomes a rant. lol. In 2016, or with this post to be exact, I will be starting a blog on my website. This blog will serve as a bucket to toss my thoughts and ideas into that other people can read & comment on. Topics will range from current events and books, to gaming, politics, music, and etc etc. Some topics may even dabble into serious themes such as mental health and the pursuit of happiness. While I see a blog, at its core, as being a personal thing, I really have a desire to spark people's minds into a state of thinking.



& Lastly




3) Project Nidus.

It is no secret that I have been hard at work on a handful of novels. Because I find that most of them are good, but not great, I have scraped a lot of them from the bin of what is publish worthy. I do not intend to EVER publish crap and with each book that comes out, I hope to improve on my skills with storytelling and syntax. I have a few more weeks left of polishing up Emotive & promoting Future Winds; then I have to prep for the Emotive launch and shift into promo mode for both books for a bit. After the dust settles, I will begin Project Nidus.


So, what is Project Nidus?

For the most part, Future Winds & Emotive were written at the same time. All of the stories I have in the works, for that matter, have been pinged-ponged back and fourth in the sharing of time dedicated to creation. Project Nidus is going to be a six-month, dedicated stretch, towards crafting a novel from start to finish, not including editing or formatting of course. The cool thing about this project is that I am going to be including my readers. I will be posting clues every step of the way as to the novel’s story, characters, setting and more via social media. This will serve as a fun project that can allow me to focus on something from start to finish in a set time span as well as engage with readers. The novel's title will be unveiled when the writing is at least 75% complete. Clues about everything else and excerpts from the story will be dropping via Twitter; so be sure to give me a follow. I will be posting the start date later on down the road and hope to have an end date that fits into the fall so that there are a few months open for editing and formatting before a (hopefully) January launch. If the writing ends up taking longer than six months, that is OK. The ambition is to go hard for half a year, but I will not squeeze the story out of that time frame and risk ruining the creative process. I am sure it can be done in the guided time frame but the six-month window is merely a guide for the new project.


What about your other books in development?

As I said before, I have many books in development but only a few that I consider publish worthy. I believe there are three in total that I have made public and you guys are aware of; all of which, will be on a temporary hiatus for the time being while Nidus is kicked off and written.



Stellar is a pretty cool story, but it’s emphasis on drug use and suicide is a mentally draining topic to write about. On top of that, I feel like I can not rush into publishing a novel about those two subjects. When I get back into the swing of writing Stellar, it will end up being a longer than normal writing project so that I can ensure the subject matter is handled delicately.


Infidels & Insanity.

The Future Winds prequel is basically confirmed with a vague set of outlines and that is about it. I started writing Infidels before Future Winds, however, after deciding Infidels would be a prequel to FW, I scraped almost all of the stories guts. I am in no rush to complete this one. It will be a dark dystopian thriller that will not only stand alone as a great novel but also serve as a solid prequel. With all of that said, there is a lot of work that will be needed to go into Infidels to make things right. Future Wind's needs a little time to gain traction and some street cred before a prequel can have the sort of impact that I am looking to get out of it.



The western tale of transformation that I started working on last summer will most likely be the novel I pick up and finish after Project Nidus. There is something about living in the desert and writing a wild-west novel in the winter time that just rubs me the wrong way. I say this, but I watched Tarantino's new flick (The Hateful 8) and it is ironically a western that takes place entirely throughout a winter storm; the movie was good, but to be fair, can Tarantino really do wrong in my eyes? Anyway, my drive for writing Dust came from sitting outside under the New Mexico sun and I think that it’s best if I wait until I can again be soaking up some vitamin D to continue working on this one.



I am looking forward to messing with you cats about what codename Nidus is all about. I may also find a way to weave in giveaways once we get underway!


So, with the new year upon us, what is on your 2016 horizon?

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